For the beauty of the earth…

So, those who actually read these, you are probably already aware of my good news. The First Presidency has cleared me to go on a mission. I have officially started the paperwork and everything.

I cant tell you all how excited I am and how blessed I feel. I am so grateful for the amazing friends and family I have, who have put up with all sorts of craziness from me over the years.
More than anything, I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and the church. There is a scripture in Alma that says our father has “chosen (us) in the furnace of affliction.”

So far, I have filled out all my forms and am waiting for a dental appointment Wednesday and a physical on Friday. I am nervous for the TB test. Everyone, cross your fingers and hope I dont have cavities!


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A student. The occasional writer. A life-long reader. Probably quirky.

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