Mascots and my fear of them

If you knew me at Utah state, you probably know of my weird relationship with mascots. There were several times I would go out of my way to avoid the lumberjack from the College of Natural Resources. There was definitely a couple times I full-on ran from the blood drop during blood drives. I don’t like Big Blue, even though I know who is under the costume. I think it has something to do with not being able to see the faces move and such.

So, right now I’m working at the mall. I sit at a kiosk and try to be pleasant on the off chance someone will come to talk to me. On Mondays, it is especially slow. I’ve been here for over two hours with no customers. Picture this: I’m sitting on my stool, hunched over a little trying to get comfortable, watching “South Park” and making the other kiosk workers jealous. I’m peacefully sipping from my water bottle and nursing a headache, when out of the corner of my eye … gorillas. More specifically, gorilla costumes with people in them, complete with the mask and everything. My initial reaction was to feel my heart rocket into my esophagus and nearly fall off the stool. I was marginally more freaked out by the fact that one of the gorillas was pink. They proceeded to walk around the food court and right in my line of sight. Finally, they left. My heart rate slowed and I stopped thinking about it.

Just five minutes ago, wizards. Wizards with giant mascot heads. Same guys. New costumes. Then it clicked. Halloween City, the costume store, has set up shop in a space just below my kiosk on the bottom floor. To promote their store, they are sending their employees around the mall handing out coupons … in costumes. This means, every night I work, I will have to deal with four or five different pairs of mascot-type costumed men walking closer and closer. All this whilst uncaffeinated.


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